It snows on the 5th of January 2019, and you might find this odd but I just finished the 3rd of Narnian Chronicles. I can’t find my words for telling stories this days… I rather feel like keeping secrets. Maybe I’ve got used to keeping everything to myself.
But I would like this Blog to be be my most sincere place, my journal if you want… A place where I’ll be marking the journey of becoming, step by step, who I was created to be.
What I’m hopping by doing this is that you are inspired by my story and you get to grow with me, so one day, we can look back at where we started and we will thank God who was there, every step of the way, making of us so much more than we ever expected to be.
Let’s create a community, let’s travel together, let’s share with each other, let’s give each other space and time to grow!
With love,