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I know I said I’ll announce the giveaway winner along with a post about presents on 24th, on Christmas Eve…. Big mistake. On Christmas Eve, beside from Working, I had to exchange some non-functional presents (ups-it happens), we remembered that we didn’t buy gifts for the kids in church, so we had to run to Jumbo to get some+ plus we had some last minute shopping and cleaning to do.
So it was already late and ant T was waiting for us to come caroling. Not with the table set but we set it for her. What can you do if you have nieces.
This is how I ended up without a post and giveaway winer. Wait for it tho…. On the other hand there is something else I would like to tell you today:
At church we had a different kind of Christmas, without the traditional service. It was like a family meeting more or less, and we were provoked to say what Christmas means for us. I was impressed with some answers.
Some of them answered „joy”, others „good news”, others „salvation”, others „change”, others „a new life”, and each of them explained their choice. How beautiful to be surrounded by people who get it, for whom Christmas is more that a materialistic Holiday…
I wanna tell you what the birthday of Jesus means to me:
For me Christmas means: „purpose”. Many times in the less pleasant moments of my life I asked myself what is the purpose of all this: to be born, to live and to die. To create other humans that are born, they live and they die. I don’t know if you ever asked yourself this, but for me it was one of the most important to get answers of life.The What for!?
Everything we do in this world we do for a reason. We work for a reason, we travel for a reason, we have relations for a reason. Nothing is there just to be. Therefor, could our existence be without purpose?
Of course not. If you search for answers you find answers! What I found out is that the reason why God created us is The relationship. He created us for Him. Me , you, all of us were created for him.
All things have been created through him and for him.” Colossians 1:16
And then it was the fall of man king where man gave the power to the one called: „the deceiver”. The birth of Jesus, then the death and resurrection gave me the possibility to have again what was lost: The purpose; the chance for me to have that relationship with God that I was created for, the chance for freedom, for choosing right.
This is what I celebrate and what Christmas is for me.
Just as life has no point without this truth, the holidays, the food, the family meetings, not even going to church, ( on the holidays or on the regular) have no point without Him. Church was made for Him, the holiday was made for Him, MANKIND was made for Him.
So this is what Christmas means for me: Purpose!
Let’s continue the conversation! Tell me how did you spent Christmas and what does it mean to you, in the comments <3
The winners of the GIVEAWAY, in collaboration with @miriam.jewellery, for facebook and Instagram, was chosen:
And the winers are: * drums * *drums*:
Facebook: @Anca Pasca
Instagram: @lavinia.Dirja
I wish you amazing holidays, that would bring a lot of Joy, light, awakening, in your life.
I wish God would be invited and present in all your lives.


With love,

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