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I’m back but not empty handed. I have something beautiful for 2 of you at the end of this post.
But first, let’s talk about presents.
Presents became lately something superficial, more like “a must” than something that comes from the heart.
We do give them, cause is the season to do so, or because we have to return the favor, or because everybody does it so, why not…
Well, I didn’t invest much in giving presents in the past. I didn’t count it as important until a few people have tough me otherwise. Here’s one story:
We had this discussion many times before. We come from a, to say the list, very traditional family where one of the many rules was: no jewellery. A. was kinda ok with it. Me tho’… I’ve just got my ears pierced those days. Let me tell you this: He was not impressed.
“Why did you need to do it?!” He was asking, “Why do you have to be different by the rest of the fam?”and he continued with a bunch of other questions like this and explanations on “why not”. So I told him my side of the story, and he told me his opinion on it. What we concluded on that day on this topic, is that we have different opinions and we didn’t spoke much of it the days that followed …
No long after, it was the season for presents so he asked me to come meet him.
Me met at the mall, I still see clear in my mind the exact place. He hands me a box of the side of my palm. The upper side had glass, you could see inside. It was black, wooden but classy. I looked trough the grass and what a saw were 3, blue, SWAROVSKI stones. I opened it slowly and took the stones out slowly. The first one was a stunning pendant on a silver necklace, and the next 2 were a beautiful set of earrings that were hanging down from silver pieces. I was so surprised, and didn’t even try to hide it.
“I thought you don’t like me wearing earrings!” I was finally finding myself saying something except “waawww”.
“I don’t necessary, but you do! Plus that, it’s a very beautiful set, and it would look very good on you.”

I still wear this set a lot. Most people who know me know the exact pieces I’m talking about.
This gesture of A.- who is actually one of my favorite humans/cousins/best-friends/whoImissAlot, the way his gift made me fell, actually saying that what I wanted at that point was more important than his opinion on the matter, made me change the way I see gifts.
It made me realize how much value it can add to a relationship and how much it can actually say, without words.

I do intend to tell you a few “rules” – or maybe we should name them hints (whatever fits you) on how to make present that really matter. – it will be just one step closer, just one thing more that we learned on how to be intentional in living life to the fullest. This will be in the same POST where we announce theeee WINNERs for the GIVEAWAY presents. So yap, that post.
Since we are talking about perfect presents, and is that SEASON when we celebrate the fact that God gave what he had Best for US, I would like to introduce you to somebody who you may already know: @Miriam Jewelry, who I know since birth for some reason… don’t know why 😉
My sister is the one with the gifted hands. She can make anything look pretty, and she always had a passion for creating stuff. When she opened her jewellery business, I was already sure that it will be a success. Why? Because she is very talented, she is always searching for beauty, and she does unique, handmade stuff.
This is one early tip I have for you: – handmade, unique presents. Even if the person you give the gift to is yourself, always look for things that have value, things that say something about who you are, that could mark a memory in your life; something different, something personal.
One of the best places to find this kind on present is: @Miriam Jewelry, you can even come with your own ideas, i guess…. 🙂 better to ask her, tho’.

Check her online stores and social media; press on:
Breslo: MiriamJewellery
Etsy: MiriamNoaneJewellery
Insta: miriam.jewellery_store
Facebook: Miriam Jewellery 




=> we teamed up in order to give 2 of you the opportunity to win 2 amazingly beautiful items.

The winers can choose a brooch from the store, or, to get creative and order a PERSONALIZED one. More on insta/facebook post. <3


-the contests are taking place on Instagram and Facebook.

-to win you have to go to the post on Insta or the one on facebook and follow the steps.

-You can participate to both contest.

-The winners will be announced here on blog on:

24 December 2018

I wish you the best!

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