How did I got lost in this cursed forest, with never ending thorns and never ending darkness. What happened to the glory days? Did I fall out of heaven and hit my wings so bad that I forgot that once I was flying above the storm?

When did I got lost? How did I lost focus on The One that gave me life and power and peace?
How did I became so concerned of the opinions of beings that it dragged me out from that holy place where I longed so much to get.
Why did humans got more important then my save place, where I could never sense betrayal?
Am I changing? Who am I becoming without Him? I’m becoming nothing, worthless, unhappy and unnecessary, with unnecessary pain and no sense in life.

I sometimes feel like I’ll forever be drowning into this woods, longing for the past, for the light, for truth, for protection; in one word: for Him!

Well, this keeps happening to me but the lower the fall the higher He raises me up.
Who am I in the end?

Oh, I remember now! …and I’ll run back to The One that makes my heart beat, The One that gives me purpose, a reason for this non-stop breathing… The One that made me and makes me who I’m supposed to be, unique and beautiful from the inside out; The One that never leaves me, and makes all things work together for my good!
I remember who I am now!
I was lost but now I’m found!

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