Hello beautiful people,

MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR is here again, and I am intentional in having a marvelous DECEMBER.
Did you know that you, actually, cannot wait for life to have charm? you can not wait for change? you have to be the charm, and you have to be the change!
So… as mentioned: I am intentional in having a marvelous December. And this is what 2018 was for me: intention, intention to live, to love, to have precious moments, …
I was having a conversation with my family last Sunday and the conclusion was that happiness and excitement for CHRISTMAS and Holidays in general did not flew away and left us alone and disappointed.                                                It is us, the people, who changed….
but hey, we’ll discus about this in another post, another time and my plan is to give you some tips on how to get back that Christmas EXCITEMENT wile you celebrate the real reason for the season.
For today, I’ll just leave you my playlist, so we set the mood.
And please leave in comments your favorite carols
STAY TUNED. I’ll be back soon.


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